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revisions: rewriting, editing, proof-reading...oh my!

rewriting begins from the moment you have the first idea...


a working title by any other name

 are working titles important or is using the heroine's name good enough?


motifs, themes and sagging middles

how to get past chapter three!


hero inspiration ~ heroine inspiration

do they look in your mind as they did in mine?


getting in the write

as seen in Hearts Talk, February 2007


sexy vs sweet - the ultimate showdown

as seen at the Romance Writers of Australia conference, August 2006


the changing face of romance fiction

as seen at the Williamstown Literary Festival, May 2006


pressure, pitfalls, and procrastination

or, how one girl became a published author


you love writing more than life itself?

then be enthusiastic!


inspiration is all around

you just have to be prepared to look for it


it's all in the details

writing what you know, and if you don't know - learn!











































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