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5 stars CataRomance

"Millionaire to the Rescue (5) is a beautifully written story of an unrequited love finally coming true after so many years. I enjoyed all of the characters in this book, they were so larger than life that it was like I knew them all personally.  Danny and Brooke were the quintessential star crossed lovers...  Overall my experience with this book had me laughing, crying and enjoying each and every second of it."


«««« 1/2 Romantic Times


"Ally Blake's Millionaire to the Rescue (4.5) has a solid plot with a built-in conflict and features two well-handled characters with a lot of chemistry."



««««1/2 eHarlequin Reviews

"Millionaire to the Rescue gives a glimpse of what it would be like to live in a fishbowl.  Ally does a fantastic job of fitting many emotions into the HRomance format.  She takes the reader through Brooke's journey to find that she is more than just a news headline or mom.  Danny is a closet romantic.  Ally brings Brooke's two children to life.  Beau and Lily are an intergral part of this love story.  Nice touches like Lily needing a security blanket of a boa after her dad dies.  Wonderful read."


"Another highly evocative, sighworthy story from Ally, with a dreamy hero and independent, modern heroine. Loved it!"

Nicola Marsh,

Harlequin Romance author


"I just finished reading Ally Blake’s book, Millionaire to the Rescue. This is another book that should take out prizes.  Do hope you enter it in the RITA and R*BY and...and...!!!!  Not only did I fall in love with the hero, the heroine was fabulous and loved the minor characters, especially her sister and those gorgeous kids.  Have you thought of writing Simone's story? Really enjoyed her characterisation."

Mary Hawkins

"Have also just finished Millionaire to the Rescue and loved it, its
gone into my bookshelf - which means its here to stay."

Caitlyn Nicolas







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  5 stars CataRomance

"Millionaire to the Rescue (5) is a beautifully written story of an unrequited love finally coming true after so many years. I enjoyed all of the characters in this book, they were so larger than life that it was like I knew them all personally.  Danny and Brooke were the quintessential star crossed lovers...  Overall my experience with this book had me laughing, crying and enjoying each and every second of it."


He had always been there for her...


Brooke Findlay visited agent Danny Finch only for him to tell her that her once wealthy, famous late husband had squandered everything.  She and the kids were left with nothing - no house, no money


Danny came to their rescue, giving them a home in his luxury mountain estate.  Brooke was shocked to discover the intense attraction simmering between them.  It was clear Danny had feelings for her, but after all the heartache she'd been through - her husband's lies, affairs, secrets - would she ever be able to trust a man again?  Even a man as gorgeous and honourable as Danny...?



Brooke’s head hurt.  Her heart felt like it was stampeding through her chest.  And all she could see was darkness.

The mix of sounds - a phone ringing a few rooms away, a woman laughing, a muted television – negated the idea that she was dead.  Unless of course her personal hell meant being forced to listen to the sports channel for the rest of time.

She took stock.  She was horizontal with tiny lumps of knotted carpet digging into the skin at the back of her bare arms and calves.  Her eyes were closed, hence the general darkness.  Though it was daytime.  She could tell by the blood red colour filtering through the thin skin of her eyelids.

If she just opened her eyes she would know where she was.  But a little voice in the back of her head warned her she wouldn’t like it if she did.

Maybe she ought to just lie there for a little while.  Blissfully ignorant.  For wherever she was it was cool.  Nobody was hollering at her to take them to soccer practice, or to buy them a new Wiggles toy, or hiding in the bushes to take her photo as she left the gym with no make-up.  And wherever she was it smelled wonderful.  Sharp.  Like concentrated citrus.  She took a deep breath through her nose.  Delicious.

In time the instinct not to slowly expire lying on some random piece of carpet won out, and Brooke opened her eyes.

A face filled her vision completely.  A male face with solemn brown eyes, hair the colour of expensive dark chocolate, and a sensuously carved mouth she just knew looked even more devastating on the rare times it smiled.  But it wasn’t smiling now.  In fact it looked positively uneasy.

‘Danny?’ she said, her voice hoarse.

‘Brooke,’ he said, breathing out a wave of relief so strong it tickled her eyelashes.  She blinked away the sensation, and when she made eye contact again she saw that the unusual abundance of concern in his eyes had faded, leaving her with...nothing.  Yep, it was Danny all right.

She cleared her throat.  ‘Why am I on the floor?’

He pressed his hand to her forehead, first the back, and then the palm.  So cool.  So gentle.  So unexpectedly tender.  Do that some more, she thought, giving in and letting her eyes fall closed once more.  It feels just like heaven.

‘You fainted,’ he said softly, as though she might disappear in a puff of smoke if he was his usual intractable self.

Then his words filtered through the haze.  She had fainted?  She sucked in a deep breath through her nose and was once again caught in a wave of citrus.  This time she recognised the sharp, tangy, wonderful scent as Danny’s aftershave.  Funny she’d never noticed it before.  It was truly drinkable.

‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ she said.  ‘Fainting’s for damsels in distress, Beatles fans, and schoolgirls.  I’m none of the above and therefore I did not faint.’

She sat up to prove her theory, and her brain shifted backwards and thumped against a whole world of hurt at the back of her skull.  She let out a groan and held her open palm over her eyes to find it was trembling.

Danny shifted to sit on the floor beside her, his sizeable form displacing the air at her left.  The carpet fibres would make a mess of his beautiful suit pants.  He always wore such nice suits.  Stylish, sophisticated, and always black.  But she couldn’t find the words to tell him as much, for when he draped a strong arm across her shoulders, his warm fingers pressing into her bare upper arm, holding her steady, holding her close, it seemed a wise decision to just shut-up and lean into his embrace.  His unanticipated warmth.  His tangible strength.  All the better to keep herself from falling.

‘Well either you fainted or you decided to take an ill-advised catnap on the floor of my office,’ Danny said, his dry, mocking voice rumbling close to her ear.

His office?  Brooke moved her hand away from her eyes.  Signed photos of the world’s major sportsmen littered the red feature wall behind his huge oak desk.  Bookshelves overspilling with priceless memorabilia, hard cover biographies and sports periodicals stood tall and imposing to her right.  Three separate televisions embedded into one wall were permanently set to satellite sports channels.  So she was in Danny’s office at the Good Sports Agency.  Odd.

She glanced sideways to find his face mere inches from hers.  His eyes boring into hers.  Golden brown they were, the mercurial colour of autumn leaves.  Infamously intense, and infinitely unsettling.  It was a gaze that terrified football club presidents, bamboozled journalists and bewitched woman the country over.  And as usual she had no idea what was going on behind their depths.

She blinked, looked away and lifted her heavy arm to motion towards the rough coffee-coloured carpet.  ‘Why did I...you know...lie down?’

‘You don’t remember?’ he asked.

Not about to strain herself to try, she simply said, ‘Not a thing.  Want to fill me in?’

‘You should...  We should...  I can’t do this lolling on the floor like a pair of teenagers at a make out party,’ Danny mumbled, his arm slowly slipping away from behind her back as he drew himself to his feet.

He held out both hands, and she took them despite his last comment which was currently resonating in the corner of her brain that was in charge of pulse control.  Though she knew he hadn’t meant anything by it.  He never did.  That was just Danny.  It was habitual for him to keep people tap dancing and at a distance.

She was pulled to her feet as though she weighed nothing at all, then he slid a warm arm around her waist, the woollen sleeve of his black suit jacket catching against the cotton of her tank top causing it to rub against the sensitive skin of her stomach.  She focussed on that and not on the immense relief she felt surrounded by all that warmth, strength and the scent of lime.

He let go once he had her seated in a comfortable red leather tub chair.  Then rather than heading around to the comfy looking swing chair on the other side of his desk Danny grabbed another guest chair and dragged it over to face hers.

As he sat, she noticed that one side of his dark suit pants was now covered in tiny carpet filaments, hooked evilly into the wool of his trousers.  She wondered distractedly if his dry cleaners would have to pull each and every one out with tweezers.  If she was female and he smiled when he asked...

He shifted forward, his trousers straining across his solid thighs.  Then he again took both her hands in his.  Large hands.  The hands of a guy who mowed his own lawn.  Made his own dinner.  Washed his own underwear.  They weren’t the soft hands of some pampered desk jockey who had someone waiting at home to look after him.

His wide flat thumb pads ran back and forth across the backs of her knuckles.  And with each soft, slow, soothing stroke she felt her headache ebb away.  Even if the last thing Danny could be accused of being was warm and fuzzy, right now, in that moment, as he held her hands and held her gaze, she again could have sworn she saw quicksilver clouds of concern shoot across his gaze.  Something was very wrong here.


From "Millionaire to the Rescue" by Ally Blake
Harlequin Romance October 2007
ISBN:  978-0373039845 Copyright: © 2006 Ally Blake
® and ™ are trademarks of the publisher. The edition published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A. For more romance information surf to: http://www.eHarlequin.com








To a whole team of men who bring me agony and ecstasy year in and year out, the Collingwood Football Club.  Go Pies! 



I am as guilty as the next girl of picking up magazines in supermarket queues to find out what the celebrities are up to; which ones are looking glamorous in designer frocks, and which have been caught in compromising photos in which we can see their cellulite.

It got me to thinking, how would it feel if you were a regular gal, a wife and mother, trying to go about the business of raising your kids, but if you were married to a famous sportsman.  How hard it must be to hold down a normal life with the long lens of the paparazzi and the all-knowing public commenting on your every move.

Out of that thought grew my heroine Brooke, a woman whose whole adult life has been lived in the public eye, but now that fabulous life has come crashing to a halt; her marriage, her finances, the life she knew all gone in the blink of an eye.  Don’t you think it would take some kind of man to stand up for a woman in that position?  Especially if he had been her ex-husband’s best friend?  Ooooh the plot thickens!!!

I hope you enjoy the twists and turns of A Millionaire to the Rescue as much as I enjoyed watching them unfold!













































































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