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style magazine:


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new idea


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a current affair


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the sunday mail

The 33-year-old has sold more than a million books worldwide, and says her years as head cheerleader were the inspiration for her novels.

Blake, who left pom-poms for the pen in 2001, said rugby league greats made perfect templates for Mills and Boon characters.

Shy former centre Steve Renouf, whose washboard abs and bulging biceps made female fans swoon, was the ideal role model for a leading man.

"Steve Renouf is a dreamy guy and perfect hero material," Blake said.

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wasted magazine




plus ultra magazine





celebrity magazine





sunday life magazine






madison magazine








"Style Magazine"


"the reel thing"

Interview: Casey Hutton












ARE ROMANTIC comedies ruining our relationships?  Casey Hutton investigates.


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"Notebook:" Magazine


"questions & answers"

Interview: Francesca Newby Photograph: Mark Ciobo


IN A world where sex sells, is there still room for romance?  Francesca Newby talks to best-selling romance novelist Ally Blake about love, sex and indecent proposals....


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"New Idea" Magazine


"Queen of Romance"

Interview: Jo Knowsley  Photograph: Oscar Kornyei


FORMER Brisbane Broncos cheerleader turned bestselling Harlequin Mills and Boon author Ally Blake shares her secrets on how to write a hot romance novel....


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"A Current Affair" Television Interview


"Romancing Australia - Raunch to Romance"

Interview: Martin King



The Sunday Mail


"Bronco Steve Renouf Inspires Romance Author"

Interview: Lou Robson


FORMER Broncos cheerleader Ally Blake has swapped rugby league for romance, becoming one of Australia's best-selling Mills and Boon authors.



"Wasted" Magazine


"Erotic and Romance Fiction"

Interview: Gemma Nisbet



Several romance authors come to the rescue as Gemma Nisbet tries to uncloak the myths surrounding romantic fiction.





"Plus Ultra" Magazine

Interview: Brian Bolton


In the Old Scholars section of my high school magazine, there was recently a double page spread about graduates who were now professional writers.


I was so thrilled to be one of those highlighted, as my favourite subject at school had always been English and I was so lucky to be able to continue that love affair, and to go onto achieve a double English major within my Bachelor of Arts degree, thanks to the enthusiasm, inventiveness and encouragement of my school teachers.



"Celebrity" Magazine

Interview: Fleur Baxmeister  Photo: Jeremy Lye



Late last year I was interviewed for a Dutch magazine called Celebrity.  We talked about my first sale, finding the inspiration for writing multiple books, and writing for Harlequin in particular.


The article came in a month in which my fifth book A MOTHER FOR HIS DAUGHTER had a Dutch release which was really exciting.


But most of all I thought it pretty darned cool to be given a one page feature in a magazine with Uma Thurman on the cover!



Sunday Life Magazine


"For better, for worse"

Interview: Alex May


My husband and I were interviewed for this weekend column for a glossy magazine which appears in the Melbourne newspaper "The Age", and the Sydney "Sun-Herald".


The article, appearing in a Valentines Day edition of the magazine focused on whether or not living with a romance writer is really all that romantic.



Madison Magazine


"Lusty, busty Housewives"

Interview: Alex Carlton


To check out how much fun we all have at the Romance Writers of Australia conference each year, check out November 2005's MADISON MAGAZINE (Australia).  Great photos and a fantastic run down of what it's all about to be a romance author.  "Lusty, busty housewives" by Alex Carlton features from page 92 onwards.


 ABC Radio Interview

"Endless Love"

Interview: Amanda Smith


Interview with Amanda Smith of ABC Radio National.  Focusing on the diversity of Australian romance books and romance writers, this presentation was aired in late October 2004.


For a listen to the interview, click here!  Scroll down to the ENDLESS LOVE program and click on LISTEN.  (You must have RealPlayer in you computer to be able to listen.)  Hope you enjoy!


Also featuring Marion Lennox and Anne Gracie...



774 ABC Melbourne Afternoon Program


"The History of Australian Romance"

Interview: Jane Curtain


With guest Juliet Flesch, the author of FROM AUSTRALIA WITH LOVE For more information about the afternoon program, check out the ABC radio website.





"An Interview with New Author, Ally Blake"

Interview: Lisa De Candia



The Sun Herald


"Art of romance"

Article: Clara Iaccarino       Photo: Ken Irwin


In this article, which kindly advertised the upcoming Romance Writers of Australia conference, we talked about modern romance having moved in leaps and bounds in the last twenty years.


My books were compared with "romantic comedy movies and Sex and the City".



Herald Sun Newspaper


"Liveable, loveable, that's us"

Article: Fiona Hudson


A Valentines Day inspired article about whether or not Melbourne is a romantic city.  I brought up the subject of footy, which is a huge pastime in this city:


"There is a lot of opportunity for snuggling up in the same scarf or coat in the cold."











































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