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Audrey Hepburn

(I used to read everything about her I could get my hands on when I was a kid - saw all her movies - she was just so elegant...)


Marilyn Monroe

(The Kennedy thing brought me in first, then the rise to fame, the marriages, the movies, the talent beneath the blondeness - fascinating woman)


Mel & Kim

(A friend and I wanted to be exactly like them when we grew up.  Singer/dancers.  Oh, and fashion designers and actresses too of course)


My mum

(Still is...)







Women I Know






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All Photographs are used to give a visible representation of the Authors 'view' and are in no way representative of the people or places in real life beyond the realms of the Authors imagination.





I, like many other writers, often use pictures from magazines and the internet to help bring my stories to life.  So for a bit of fun, here are the pictures which best summed up how I saw my heroines in my mind's eye.  Do they look anything like you imagined them?  (More fun inspirational images on Pinterest!)

Faking it to Making It

Saskia Bloom went through several casting incarnations inside my head before in the final sweep of revisions Stana Katic came to the fore.  Sexy, slight, smart with a hint of steel; that's my Saskia.


The Secret Wedding Dress

Paige Danforth sauntered into my head elegant, stylish, with a hint of boho.   But she also had a fragility, a sense that she was more broken than most.  Blake Lively - gorgeous with those sad eyes - would do nicely.


When Honey Got Married...


When looking for a face to show my co-authors of when Honey Got Married... - so that we knew what each of our heroines looked like I leaned towards the gorgeous Jessica Alba.  Not only is she va va voom, she seems so sweet!


50 Days With Rose


While writing the romantic adventure Facebook page - 50 Days with Rose - the character of Arabella Rose was somewhat of an amalgam inside my head.  Hints of Isla Fisher's naivety, Blake Lively's beachy looks, and a goodly dose of Olivia Palermo's effortless cosmopolitan style.


The Rules of Engagement


I'm not sure I've ever had a heroine cast so perfectly in my head.   From the first words that spilled from Caitlyn March's mouth I saw Isla Fisher The cuteness, the joy, the gorgeous red hair...





The Wedding Date


Hannah Gillespie in The Wedding Date leapt onto the page as the kind of girl who wore a men's diving watch  three sizes two big, never knew how to get control of her hair, and only ever wore a dress if her roommate forced it on her.  That kind of gorgeous tomboy spunk could only have been played in my head by Amanda Peet.



Millionaire Dad's SOS


Meg Kelly had been in my mind for the previous two books as she's the last of the Kelly kids to get her own book.  Presumed spoilt, but really a heartbroken smart girl Mila Kunis had the right oomph and soul.



Getting Red-Hot with the Rogue


Being that  Wynnie Devereaux is a lobbyist and a Modern Heat heroine all of which bring certain expectations - sass, verve, smarts, chutzpah and a cosmopolitan edge.  This picture, and many others of Natalie Portman gave me such inspiration for her fabulously fun character.










Dating the Rebel Tycoon


Somehow almost every heroine I write could be cast using photos of this actress.  Even though in person, and in her roles, Mischa Barton she has never felt like an Ally Blake heroine, her photos say otherwise.  As free-spirited Rosie Harper she was perfect.


A Night with the Society Playboy

Ava Halliburton was alluded to in a preceding book, The Magnate's Indecent Proposal, as a perennial student.  So when casting her I had to start out with that in mind.   She began as the gooorgeous Amanda Peet who turned out to be too glamorous for my down to earth, quirky girl.  Enter the darling Zooey Deschanel - and her wooden heart necklace ;)..



Hired: The Boss's Bride


Veronica Bing is as cheeky as they come; she turns up for a job interview in knee high boots a Rolling Stones tour t-shirt and a pink corvette.   Being that I am a huuuuge fan of the Gilmore Girls Lauren Graham was a fun choice as inspiration for Veronica.





The Magnate's Indecent Proposal


When halfway through writing this book I realised the heroine was ALL wrong, thankfully Chelsea London  popped into my mind, fully formed.  Here's the lovely Ellen Pompeo doing her best Chelsea impression.






Falling for the Rebel Heir

For Kendall York I needed a feisty auburn haired beauty.  I've loved Rachel McAdams in so many films and thought her vibrancy and sass would bring a lot to the role.



Steamy Surrender

I used quite a few pictures to help me come to terms with Morgan Kipling-Rossetti.  Mischa Barton featured heavily, mostly for outfitting.  The girl has some style!  But I love the look in Sienna Miller's eyes.  Haunted?  Wary?  "Just you try it, buddy!"



Millionaire to the Rescue


Brooke Finlay is the ultimate yummy mummy.  And this picture of Heather Graham is the closest I've even come to finding exactly how I saw my heroine in my head.




Billionaire on Her Doorstep


I love this picture of Keira Knightley The beach background fits with the Sorrento setting of this book.  And again I love the look in her eyes which is so perfect for my misfit, out of her depth Maggie Bryce.






Getting Down to Business 


This was my first ever Modern Extra book.  Sassier, sexier, sharper.  Which summed up my hero,  but my heroine Abbey Parrish had a long way to go before she caught up with Flynn and this picture of Reese Witherspoon seemed just bookish enough ;).



Meant-To-Be Mother


Siena Capuletti.  A sharp, ambitious city girl thrown into the middle of family life in tropical Cairns.  This photo of Ashley Judd I thought had a lot of flare and sass just like my Siena.




 Wanted: Outback Wife


Jodie Simpson was given to me by the lovely editors in Richmond as part of an eight book continuity series entitled THE BRIDES OF BELLA LUCIA.  Auburn haired, petite, green-eyed.  Not exactly a typical description of Kylie Minogue but I found a few piccies that made me think otherwise.


A Father in the Making


Laura Somervale came to me from somewhere magical.  Long curly auburn hair, bare feet, earth mother.  I had to go searching for a picture remotely like her and loved this one of Jennifer Aniston.


The Shock Engagement

Emma Radfield was born of a minor character from my previous three books.  But I hadn't set her up quite right so I changed her name, changed her background and created her anew.  But this picture of Cameron Diaz had been in my mind for some time.




A Mother For His Daughter


Gracie Lane was born from this picture of Sherilyn Fenn.  I loved the red dress, the bare feet, glass of wine and open packet of crisps.  So many contrasts to play with.  And isn't she just far too cheeky for words?  I always thought of her as a "naughty Snow White". 



How to Marry a Billionaire


This picture of Milla Jovovich, the haircut, the outfit, inspired a whole scene for Cara Marlowe.  She's sweet, and neat, and needs somebody to help her let down her hair.






Marriage Make-Over


Jennifer Lopez inspired Kelly Rockford.  Her groovy magazine chic and funky regrowth made perfect sense to me.





Marriage Material


This picture of Nicole Kidman summed up Romy Bridgeport.  Neat, shiny, cheeky, and just a little bit shy.  I even made her a nil biter because of this picture.





The Wedding Wish


The gorgeous Kristin Davis from Sex and the City was perfect for my first romance heroine Holly Denison.











































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