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(I fell deeply in love with the big family, America royalty, Camelot thang that I even spent a fair  whack of time on my honeymoon chasing JFK sites around North America ;))


Franco Zeffirelli

(Italian film director)


Kenneth Branagh

(I had a big thing for movies, can you tell?  I still have a signed photo of Mr Branagh in my treasure chest at home)







My hubby


Collingwood Footy Club

I even dedicated a book, MILLIONAIRE TO THE RESCUE, to them!






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All Photographs are used to give a visible representation of the Authors 'view' and are in no way representative of the people or places in real life beyond the realms of the Authors imagination.






Getting to browse Google Images looking for pictures of handsome men is one of the perks of this job ;).  Here are some of the better ones I have stumbled upon in my "research" and they truly do best sum up how I saw my heroes in my mind's eye.  Do they look anything like you imagined them?


Getting Red-Hot with the Rogue



Brad Pitt is one of those beautiful people I wasn't sire I'd ever 'cast' in one of my books.  Too much back-story implanted in my brain.  And I'm not a writer of blonde heroes.  But when Dylan Kelly came into being, he was it.  Top to toe.








Dating the Rebel Tycoon


I actually cast Cameron Kelly's entire family when a series of stories galloped into my head one night.  Josh Duhamel has been on the horizon for a loong time and I'm glad I finally found him a story!  Isn't he the yummiest?





A Night with the Society Playboy

Caleb Gilchrest was easy as he'd already been cast while writing The Magnate's Indecent Proposal Eric Dane was a pleasure to have on my screen as I wrote!





Hired: The Boss's Bride


Mitchell Hanover was born to a life of privilege, a fourth generation owner of the top art and auction house in Melbourne.  He is suave sophisticated and has a sharp tongue.  Who better to play him than the fabulously debonair George Clooney?




The Magnate's Indecent Proposal


Damien Halliburton.  He's rich, successful, from a grand family, his life is littered with women who've fallen at his feet.  Yet he believes he's genetically forbidden from indulging in a happy marriage.  Add bucket loads of goofy charm, and a sweet aversion to technology, this luddite was partially born out of the delightful Rob Lowe circa West Wing and Brothers and Sisters.



Falling for the Rebel Heir


Hudson Bennington III.  With a name like that you'd think I'd go for someone a bit less scruffy right?  But since our Hud has just come back from some pretty heavy stuff overseas, his need for a shave, and his need to look just like Marat Safin does in the this picture soon become clear.






Steamy Surrender


Saxon Ciantar.  Sexy, cheeky, and a bit of a rebel.  Christian Bale could easily be the hero inspiration for every book I write, and this picture summed up my Saxon in a heartbeat.






Millionaire to the Rescue


Danny Finch was a troublesome boy.  He went through several incarnations until I found this picture of David Beckham in a magazine and then everything fell into place.




Billionaire on Her Doorstep


Tom Campbell was born of an infamous chat with romance author Trish Wylie who gave me this picture not knowing I would steal it out from under her.  It took some kind of negotiating to get permission to use certain pieces of Nathan Fillion.





Getting Down to Business 


For my darling Flynn Granger I needed someone dark, elegant, rumpled, believably rich.  He as my first Modern Extra hero, and I knew I couldn't go wrong after finding this picture of Jeremy Northam.






Meant-To-Be Mother


I had this photo of British model James Penfold in my arsenal for years.  Over and over again I brought it out thinking he'd be perfect hero material.  But he never fit, until I met James Dillon.




 Wanted: Outback Wife


Here's Christian Bale...again.  This book was offered to me as part of a miniseries, therefore the 'look' of each character was chosen by the editors in Richmond so that we all didn't turn up with dark dark and handsome heroes.  My guy had to be fair.  And this was as fair as I could possibly dare ;).





A Father in the Making


Ryan Gasper was a suit.  A charming, citified, slightly beaten down by circumstance yet successful beyond anyone's wildest dreams suit.  Bring on Bradley Whitford who I adore as Josh in The West Wing.



The Shock Engagement


Harry Buchanan rode a motorbike and wore a leather jacket.  He was hip, stubbled and oh so sexy.  This picture of Martin Henderson was a perfect fit.




A Mother For His Daughter


Luca Siracusa.  Aaaaahhhh, Luca.  My first Italian hero.  He was some kind of joy to write, and though he was half based on a man I saw walking through the cobbled streets of Verona with a little girl at the end of his arm, Raoul Bova was pretty darned close.




How to Marry a Billionaire


This was a book I wrote in three weeks, after deciding about a month before deadline that I hated the book I had been writing.  Enter this picture of Jeff Bridges as Adam Tyler to save the day.


Marriage Make-Over


The very first time we meet Simon Coleman he is wet with his dark hair dripping onto his beautiful face.  no guesses as to where I got that idea.  Yep, that is Keanu Reeves.






Marriage Material


Sebastian Fox was born from this picture of Alec Baldwin.  I love the choppy hair, the dark sweater, the look in his eyes.  Yum!



The Wedding Wish

Needless to say I am a huge Sex and the City fan.  Chris Noth being a favourite of mine since his Law and Order days.  When I sat down to write my first ever romance, with the image of a tall, dark , handsome hero in my eyes, this was an easy pick ;).











































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