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Australian Romance Readers' Association

Saturday 2 March 2013, 3:30-5:30pm

Terrace Rooms, Mecure Hotel, Brisbane

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 National Writers' Congress: Authorship 20/20


Thursday October 17th to Saturday October 19th 2013


National Maritime Museum

2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, Sydney



The full Congress program will be launched in September. 

Check out the Australian Society of Authors website for more.


















as seen at the

Romance Writers of Australia conference


"Romance Writing Workshop with Ally Blake"


as seen at the

Victorian Writers Centre


"Love for Sale: Romance Author Panel"

with Anne Gracie


Seminar: Romance writers Ally Blake and Anne Gracie will talk about their success in this ever-growing niche of genre writing. Romance comes in all manner of guises from historical, SF, comedy to crime, and there is a whole world market to tap into. Participants will be informed of current trends and innovative ways to promote their writing in a contemporary climate. This event will benefit the budding romance writer and reader no matter what their style.


as seen at the

Victorian Writers Centre


"Sexy vs Sweet - The Ultimate Showdown"

What’s the difference between the red books and the baby blue?  Is the line in between all that defined?  What does "closing the bedroom door" really mean?  Is the difference merely alpha heroes vs gamma, or is it more about emotion vs docking procedures in sex scenes?  Or in the end does it all come down to voice?  Finally - the answer is here!"

as seen at the

Romance Writers of Australia Conference



"The Changing Face of Contemporary Romance"

Once upon a time contemporary romance meant an Alpha male, a damsel in distress, and wedding bells to end.  Nowadays romantic stories are about pleasure hotels and footballers wives.  About speed dating and breaking up by SMS.  About post-feminist twentysomething heroines who want it all and fiftysomething heroines trying to find their way after their happily ever after went kaput.  Find out how pop culture has helped change the face of contemporary romance."


as seen at the

Williamstown Literary Festival


"Sassy in the City"

“Let local HM&B Sweet authors Ally Blake and Nicola Marsh take you on a journey in writing fun, fresh, flirty romance.  They will discuss creating contemporary category novels, continuing characters, faithful city-girl dialogue, and doing so within true to life Australian settings.  Come along for an entertaining chat about how to put a modern twist on old-fashioned romance!"

as seen at the

Romance Writers of Australia Conference












































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